Ecozine Youth Film Festival

Ecozine Youth Film Festival

Ecozine Youth Film Festival aims to promote and stimulate youngsters’ creativity throughout the production of audiovisual works.


Shorts made by students from Primary and Secondary Schools from any country in the world aged 6 – 18, and presented by a Film Festival. Although the short films must be made by the students themselves, they can be supervised and coordinated by their teachers.

The shorts submitted for the prize must have been produced after 1st January 2017 and they must be aimed at spreading Citizenship Values and Environment.


Each Youth Film Festival can present short films, whose duration must not exceed 15 minutes, including the credits.

The shorts which are not technically suitable for showing in public may be refused.

Shorts can be submitted in any language. All shorts, including English language shorts, must be subtitled in English.


Shorts and the registration forms must be delivered by 10 February, 2019

Those who wish to participate at the Ecozine International Youth Film Festival should apply the entry form at

It is important that the form is filled in correctly and carefully as the information may form part of the Festival catalogue.

Shorts can be sent in the following ways: Link at Vimeo or Youtube

Ecozine Film Festival acquires the Rights to exhibit the shorts during the duration of the Festival. It also reserves the right to use compilations of shorts as promotional material. Submitted copies will not be returned to the authors, as they will be included in the Ecozine Film Festival archive.

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